Cruelty Free Vegan Brushes by Six Plus

Cruelty Free Vegan Brushes by Six Plus

I recently treated myself to this lovely set of brushes chosen I have to admit for how pretty they would look ok my dressing table – don’t they look great in their matching pots. What I didn’t realise till they arrived is that the pots attach to each other magnetically creating a perfect little travel care!!!

I was also very keen to buy synthetic bristles as I am on a journey towards being totally cruelty free in my beauty routine.

Given their budget price they are a lot kinder on the bank balance too which is always a bonus!!! My Maths isn’t great but I worked out that each brush costs about £2 with the storage containers and travel case included as a freebie – that’s SUCH A BARGAIN!!!!

But what about performance? Let’s face it they wouldn’t be a bargain if the quality wasn’t there ! But happily I can confirm that it really really is ! I have really enjoyed using these brushes, they apply and blend effortlessly making me look like I have better makeup skills than I do.

So would I recommend these brushes ? Yes I absolutely would and without mentioning the dreaded ‘C’ word, they would make a great gift for the makeup lover in your life!

Aisling Organics – Makeup That Actually WORKS

I love makeup – like really, really love it. I love buying it, applying it and I love how it makes me feel when I am wearing it. Recently though I have become more conscious about what I’m buying and what I’m putting on my skin – and it’s not always so pretty!

So I’ve been trying to clean up my skincare and makeup faves and cut out some of the nasties.

Aisling Organics is one of the brands I have been trying and I am genuinely very impressed. Their products are handcrafted using top quality ingredients with no parabens, fragrances, tars, talcs or any of the other horrors that lurk in the glossy packaging of many of the better known brands.

But do they work?

Yes they do, brilliantly!!!

I tried their Bali Bronze and Sienna cheek tints which I wore together to give a gently sculpted but fresh, natural look to my cheeks. I was really impressed by the formulation, so light and comfortable to wear but with good pigmentation that lasted all day/

I also tried their lipstick in Hibiscus a lovely pinky nude that was so creamy that I really felt it was nourishing my lips. Lovely n this miserable weather.

I am really keen to try the foundation but it’s always hard to get the colour right online. But don’t worry, Aisling has you covered, they have little sample sets they send out FREE for you to colour match yourself before you order. Genius!!!

Finally Aisling Organics are of course vegan, cruelty free and gluten free with a plastic neutral footprint.

So if you like me are interested in cleaning up your beauty routine but without sacrificing the quality of the products you are using, then check out Aisling Organics. – and for a bit of a bargain use the code julieellen5!