Add A Little Personality to Your Room with Photowall

My decorating style is very simple. I like white walls, hard floors, and comfortable yet utilitatian furnishings. Its very minimal! But then I add some personality to the room through artwork on my walls.
We recently laid new floors through all the public rooms downstairs. I am so happy with the finish. Its so light and clean looking and really brightens everything up. Once the floors were down i decided to give my family room a refresh.

I started by taking out the old mantlepiece and boarding up the fireplace. I changed out the old radiators for a new dark grey vertical fitting. then had the walls replastered and the room and woodwork painted with a fresh coat of white. We have a cupboard in the room so had no need for storage so I kept the furniture simple- a dark grey corner sofa, a grey velvet pouffe, small cream rug and a marble coffee table and matching small lamp table. We have a large TV which takes up much of the third wall and patio doors on the last which let in lots of light so I added a large peace lily in a raised pot. I love lighting so as well as the crystal centre light, I added a floor lamp and a table lamp.

So far so minimal and very much my style.

But i think you’ll agree it needs something else. Something to add a little personality, some character, some colour. It needed some artwork. The brief was simple. I wanted colour, bright colour but I didn’t want flowers or animals. I didn’t actually want it to be anything more than a mood. I wanted a piece that would spark joy. I searched everywhere. I saw lots of pieces I loved in galleries but at prices that put them out of my reach. I searched through hundreds of prints but nothing really sparked that feeling of joy that I was looking for. I was determined not to settle. I knew that if I had patience I would find the perfect piece. And then I found Photowall.

Photowall make wallpaper, prints and canvases that are printed to order. They have a huge range to choose from or will even print from a photo provided by you. Imagjne! You could even have your husbands face plastered all over the downstairs loo – or maybe not!!!!

I really love how Photowall put their care for the environment at the centre of everything they do. All production is to order, which means nothing is held in stock or discarded unnecessarily. The printing ink they use contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable. Waste material from their processes is recycled and best of all, 5000 trees are planted every year in East Africa. Its truly inspirational.

At the end of the day though I chose the piece because I fell in love with it. It is everything I wanted and I am obsessed by the personality it adds to the room. It truly does spark joy in me every time I look at it.

What do you think of my new room? Home decor is so personal isn’t it? Is this your style or do you prefer something more traditional? Whatever your taste in home furnishings, if you are looking for wall decor you need look no further than Photowall especially as they are currently offering you a whopping 25% discount with the code julieellen25 . If you do make a purchase please send photos. I love seeing inside other people’s homes don’t you ?

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