Beauty Pie Lash Lowdown

As everyone I talk to knows, I am a massive fan of Beauty Pie, not just for their cut price beauty and makeup but for the quality of their products too.
There are lots of posts out there about how Beauty Pie works so I won’t go through all that but I found myself recently with a fair amount of spending available to me, and well I didn’t have to be asked twice.
Top of my list was a new mascara . Sadly I have shortish, elephant straight lashes that are growing more sparse with age. No surprise then that I am a sucker for a mascara that promises me the world but sadly such mascaras tend to deliver very little. Beauty Pie’s mascara was different, named simply the Uber Volume Boost in a choice of black or brown I picked it up hoping it would do exactly what it said on the minimally stylish tube. And spoiler alert, it DID!

This mascarat has a fairly thick formula so it thoroughly coats every lash. It adds a decent amount of length and volume without looking spidery OR clumpy. In other words it didn’t give me that ‘false lash effect’ but it gave me better looking lashes and I am down for that.
I should add that I also picked up the Uber Volume Fibre Lash Building Primer for times when I wanted a little more oomph. As a contact lens wearer I was worried it would irritate my eyes. It didn’t. It was a bit of a faff though and I’m not sure that it made enough of a difference to be worth it. However when I said just that on my Instagram I got comments saying it works much better if you use it between two coats of mascara rather than before mascara. I’ll report back !
Meantime get the mascara, it’s a DEFINITE yes !

UPDATE Tried the Primer using the sandwich technique abs it DEFINITELY worked. Was still a bit of a faff but gave my lashes some real va va voom so this is definitely something o would do for a special night out when I wanted some lash fluttering fabulousness. Great tip, thanks Louise!

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