Self Care – My Mask Routine

I must confess to being a relative newbie to the wonderful world of skincare. I have obviously (nearly) always washed my face, and would smear on a bit of moisturiser when I remembered but I certainly didn’t have what you could call a routine.

But I am now at an age where the sins of my past have absolutely come to haunt me and my skin need all the help it can get. So I have rolled up my sleeves and built myself a morning and nighttime routine that my skin and I are happy with.

Now and again though I need a little extra help – and that’s where masks come in. Once a week I have a self care day which I will share with you all one day soon but as part of that day of pampering and treats, I treat my skin to some real loving.

I start by thoroughly cleansing my face then it straight on with the Fruitizime Five Minute Facial by Beauty Pie. This is an old favourite and one I have recently repurchased. I am not sure I would have for the non-,members price of £60 but for the member’s price of £10.62, this was a no brainer for me. So easy to use, you simply slather it on, leave it to do its thing for five minutes then massage it off . It works by combining Glycolic acid with fruit enzymes and the gentlest of grains and will unblock the most congested of pores and gently, very gently exfoliate your skin. I absolutely love it.

Having removed all the nasties from my pores, it is time for a glow up and for that I turn to the Wake mask. This is an Australian Pink Clay mask that smooths the complexion, banishes that dull tired look and leaves in its place a bright glowing rejuvenating appearance. Who doesn’t want that? At £27.98 this is an expensive one but there is usually a code to be found for a little discount. The one that’s active at the moment is CONNECT10 which will get you almost £3 off which helps a bit. If that is still a little pricey for your purse then Superdrug sell a very similar one for around £9 which is a bit of a bargain in my book.

Finally having done all the prep work, its time to give my face a treat. I start with. my eyes . I am afraid after a lifetime of laughing too hard at absolutely anything, the lines round my eyes are pronounced, the skin is dry and crepey and my eyebags are more like suitcases . Frankly my eyes need all the help they can get. And that is where the Mylansea undereye patches come in. These won’t break the bank, they are just £8.99 for 6 and are packed full of proven ingredients such as Collagen, Niacinimide, Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Vit E and lots of lovely peptides. These quality ingredients are delivered to the skin via a cooling aloe gel on a piece of silk which you apply under your eyes just like a sheet mask . They are fragrance free so good for the most sensitive skin and target dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, dryness and sagging. Being honest my lines are here to stay but I definitely have seen a difference in the quality and appearance of my under eye area.

Finally its time to treat the rest of my face and for that I turn to my Snail Jelly masks. I know that sounds weird and a little yuck but this stuff bought from a Korean company via Amazon, packs a serious punch. I should start by saying that this product is cruelty free as the jelly is collected humanely. You apply it to your face like any other sheet mask and I have to confess I thought it was pretty grotty at first. It did feel instantly cooling though and very similar to aloe gel so I just pretended to myself that was what it was. You leave the mask on for about 15 mins and honestly you will be amazed the first time you use one, I know I was. My skin just looked so plumped up and glossy and although obviously the result didn’t last forever , I did feel that my skin felt more moisturised and comfortable for the following week. Another fragrance free product so again suitable for all skins no matter how irritable.

So there it is, my mask routine. All in all it only takes way less that an hour and really leaves me feeling like I have treated my skin, which after all the years of abuse is the least I can do.

Do you have a masking routine? What products would you recommend?Be

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