My Experience With Fillers

I really hope you aren’t reading this before breakfast – if so then I apologise for the unfiltered closeups but when talking about fillers it’s best to show the plain unvarnished truth I think. Read all about it below.

Why Did I Decide to get Fillers?

My first foray into injectables did not go well. I tried botox about 5 years ago but really did not like the ‘SPOCK’ look it left me with so I let it wear off. I have had lip fillers a couple of times too and really liked the youthful effect of a plumper pout but again never really kept it up.

I have recently lost quite a lot of weight though, five stones to be precise and although I was really enjoying my new slimmer body, I was not so keen on the effect it had on my face. Top left is me a year before losing the weight, bottom left was me a week ago.

Obviously none of these photos look great, I am a 55 year old woman who loves the sun and my skin reflects that, but I think you can clearly see in the before photograph, the impact of my fat loss – my hereditary eye bags are exaggerated, my cheeks have a gaunt sunken look and well, just look at those jowls. Not my best look.

Although I wasn’t happy with the way my face now looked, I didn’t have the money for a facelift and it really never occurred to me that there were other options out there.

Then along came Doctor Darren.

Darren McKeown is a bit of a celeb in Scotland. In his own words his passion is to help men and women feel better about themselves through the way that they look. He claims to prescribe ‘The Power to be Confident’ whether that be by using a particular product, or by having a surgical or non surgical treatment.

I first encountered him directly though when I saw him post on Instagram that he was looking for models willing to allow a doctor being trained in aesthetic medicine to perform treatments on them and use their before and after photographs in their portfolios. Knowing the reputation of the clinic I did not hesitate to send Dr Darren a ‘warts and all’ photo with a heartfelt plea for him to ‘choose me’! You cannot imagine my delight when I got a message confirming I was one of a chosen few.

On the day I turned up at the clinic and was blown away by it. It reminded me more of an upmarket Spa than a doctor’s surgery. Think low lighting, squashy sofas, designer coffee table books and chill out tunes on the iPod!

Before my treatment I was taken into a room and photographs taken of my face from all angles. I then was taken into the treatment room where I was met by the lovely doctor and her trainer. Unfortunately I was so excited I missed their names but if by chance they are reading this, they will know who they are.

I was greeted so warmly that I genuinely did not suffer any nerves at all. I had temporary dermal filler injected into my cheekbone area to add back some of the fullness I had lost while losing weight. I also had fuller injected around my jaw to lift the jowls formed as the skin sagged. The treatment obviously took a little longer than usual as the trainer talked the doctor through what she was doing but I can honestly say that the discomfort was on a par with some basic dental work.

And just look at the results.

The picture on the right is unfiltered and shows my 55 year old face with no makeup. Just look at the difference from my before at bottom left. To be fair the lighting is very bad in the before photograph and much better in the after but none of that would account from the very visible improvements to my eye bags, the shape of my cheeks and my jawline. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.

I have suffered very little bruising but have noticed some swelling – nothing noticeable though.

Here is a photo of me with makeup on 24 hours after the treatment. Still no editing or filters though. What a difference huh?

Would I do it again ? Definately – next on my wish list is a little filler in my temples to balance my face shape and some tear trough filler around my hereditary eye bags.

Was it worth it ? Well I did not pay for this treatment but dermal filler is temporary which is quite reassuring but does mean that in about 2 years time the filler will need to be re-done. When it does I will absolutely pay to have it redone.

Would I go back to Dr Darren ? Genuinely I would not go anywhere else – when it’s your face you are messing with, it’s important to have the confidence that the people treating you are the experts in their field and that’s what you get with Dr Darren McKeown and his staff.

If you are interested in looking the very best version of you then I highly recommend you go to see Dr Darren at his clinic at 202 West George Street, Glasgow.

If you have any more questions though don’t hesitate to ask!




2 thoughts on “My Experience With Fillers

  1. Really excellent results! What happens to our face and necks (in my case) when we lose weight is hardly ever talked about. The key thing is to go to a very reputable practitioner as you did, and spend as much as you can, rather than go to a local beauty salon or botox party.


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